The sequel to Spider Universe


The Spider-Man: Spider Universe film, which appeared on December 14, was a huge success as soon as it was released and was highly acclaimed by the fans of the series. After this success, the sequel is probably on the way.

Sony, It was released in 2018 on various social media accounts on Halloween and was highly appreciated by the audience. Spider-Man: In the Spider Universe He excited his fans by hinting at his return.

This animated film, which became iconic as soon as it was released, was considered the best Spider-Man film of all time and has won millions of fans since its release in December 2018. The sequel was expected to be so much appreciated, but Sony showed that the new film might come sooner than expected.

Social media posts may point to the sequel:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Fans are excited by these developments, Spider-Man: Spider Universe picture of the film twitter started with sharing from. On sharing Imiz Our spider senses took action ” statements were used. Sony and Sony Pictures accounts then responded to this tweet.

With these shares, rumors and rumors started to fly. A lot of people claimed that this was a clue that a sequel was on the way.

Spider-Man: Continuation of the Spider Universe Shares showing that movie is on track:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

In fact, it is not a secret that Sony has carefully kept whether the new film will come. One of the important names of the studio Amy Pascalin an interview with io9 earlier this year Uz We're working hard on the sequel. You can expect a new movie ” had used.

In August, the filmmakers stated that if the original film succeeded, continuation and side films were likely to come, but they were very focused on the first film and did not think about it yet. Joaquim Dos Santos and David Callaham, They are directing the film, which is supposed to continue the story of Miles Morales.


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Producers of Spider-Man: Spider Universe Phil Lord and Chris Millerare also associated with some television series that will expand the spider 's world. Pascal also gave an interview. Uz We're making some sequences, and when all of these combine, they'll make a meaningful whole. I think we have great series that we do and put together bir said.