The Skin Color of Two Doctors Eating a Coronavirus Changed in China

The skin color of two doctors who had been coronaviruted in Wuhan, China and treated for 2 months changed. While this change, which is at a visible level, is confused in the scientific world, the reason for this situation is the damage caused by the coronavirus to the liver.

Appeared in Wuhan, China and turned into a pandemic coronaviruses The epidemic increases its effect day by day. To date, the virus infecting 2 million 486 thousand 964 people in total, 170 thousand 418 cost the person's life. 653 thousand people managed to get rid of COVID-19 disease. Now, a strange phenomenon in people struggling with the virus and surviving the disease has been on the agenda.

COVID-19 disease does not have a long history, drugs to be used in the treatment of this disease finalized not. In addition, scientists are not fully aware of the permanent damage this disease will leave in the body. If it's an event now, Covidien-19 confused about the disease. Because the skin color of the two doctors who caught coronavirus in China changed after the treatment process.


Yi Fan is a person who spent his life as a doctor in Wuhan, China. Working as a cardiologist, Fan caught the COVID-19 disease by snatching coronavirus and 2 months remained under treatment throughout. Similarly, Hu Weifeng lived in the city of Wuhan and was one of the doctors working in the urology department. Weifeng was also treated for 2 months after he got sick. Both doctors skin color also changed after the treatment process. Moreover, this change was too visible to the eye.


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Doctor whose skin color changes after COVID-19 treatment


This development, which shocked the Chinese experts, made a great impression in the scientific world. The cause of the change that is not yet fully understood is the coronavirus. liver It is said to be the damage it caused. Infectious Diseases Specialist Song Jianxin, who made explanations on the subject, in the organs of both doctors during the treatment process damage explained that it occurred. According to Jianxin's explanations, the reason for the change of skin color is the circulation of iron, which must be stored in the liver.

According to experts, this situation is temporary. So the skin color of both doctors, after a while to normal will return. Scientists have suggested that various injuries can occur in the organs of people due to the coronavirus epidemic, and that post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur. According to experts, COVID-19; It can affect the heart, liver, blood system, brain, kidney, and even the endocrine system.

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