The State of Marmaris Before and After the Fire [Video]


The effect of the fire in Marmaris, one of the biggest fires that took place in our country in recent days, was shown with the new video. In the video shared by the BBC, it was seen how the vitality was lost in the areas burned by the fire.

The fires in the Mediterranean, where Turkey had been fighting for days, had blackened the green nature of the area the size of tens of thousands of football fields. in fires While thousands of animals and 7 people lost their lives The fire also spread to residential areas, rendering people’s homes unusable.

One of these fires, the fire in Manavgat, was recorded as the biggest fire disaster in our history. After Manavgat, which was finally taken under control and extinguished the other day Marmaris Like big fires, they were put out after a great struggle. But the fires left behind landscapes that would be difficult to reverse.

Video showing before and after the fire: