The State of Thinking the World Is Terrible: The Mediocre World Syndrome


Although the media seems to reflect the truth, sometimes -especially in authoritarian countries- it can create a new reality by creating the opposite perception. According to Gerbner’s famous “Cultivation Theory” approach, the messages presented to the audience on television affect the viewers’ ideas and attitudes about reality.

Gerbner and his friends said that television is constantly sowing the dominant ideas in the society, and that’s why people who watch a lot of television perception of reality stated that it was formed by direct television messages.

From this point of view, Gerbner et al. excessively violent content emphasized that it causes many people to be afraid of the outside world and stated that these people consider the world to be a more insecure environment than its real state. This makes some people paranoid and traps them in a state of fear.

People who prefer to stay at home because of this situation called “Mediocre World Syndrome” are exposed to this type of news more and enter a vicious circle as they stay home.

mediocre world

US communication science professor George Gerbner The “Sowing Theory” According to one of his conclusions, the “Mediocre World Syndrome”, weak and timid people submit to oppressive rules more quickly and accept being under pressure at the expense of feeling safe.

In a study, it was seen that the more violence on television, the more people take it for granted, and the belief that it is natural to show violence started to dominate in the society.

mean world syndrome

In our country, serious criticisms are made on social media because of the frequent display of violence on television. It is thought that this can become normalized in society due to the presence of so many images of violence.

Television, which is a good tool in terms of directing the masses, puppet player It has a very strong capacity to influence society. Of course, not only television but also social media is used as a serious influence power.

This situation, which angers people more, causes the society to be more conservative, more intolerant and support punishments such as death penalty.


This situation, which makes people believe in that reality by creating a parallel universe, is in the words of George Orwell. in the dystopia 1984 Reminds me of the brainwashed people.