The Story of a Viral Photo of a Woman Addicted to Drugs


The life story of a woman named Virginia Burton has become one of the viral content of the internet. The photo shared by the woman, who met drugs at the age of 6 and graduated from university when she was 48, is a light of hope for people…

from time to time internet in some images, showing how people going through difficult processes have changed. For example, it is possible to see the state of a beautiful woman after she turns into a notorious criminal, or what a handsome man has become due to alcohol, on different platforms. Now a new one has been added to such shares. living in the USA Virginia Burton A woman named seems to be a light to many people.

Virginia Burton only at the age of 6 He is introduced to drugs because of his mother. A woman who used synthetic drugs when she was 12 years old, at the age of 14 On the other hand, he wants to save his life by participating in accelerated education programs. But drugs have haunted this woman, and the 48-year-old woman today is a major part of her life, unfortunately. iron bars passes behind. But in the past years, this woman’s life has completely changing.

A photograph of Burton taken in 2005

Virginia Ginny Burton

The woman who spent the first years of her life under very difficult conditions, 2005 When we come to the year, it gives away. The photo above shows the woman taken after she was detained by the police. The woman who was imprisoned in those years, when we come to 2012 have 3 children becomes a mother. This homeless mother was also involved in crime in those years, the US government confiscated her children. But Burton’s drug storyUnfortunately, it never ends.


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Virginia Burton made a sudden decision to make her life this way. can’t continue understands. The woman, who started her education life again, succeeds in graduating from the Faculty of Political Sciences of Washington University. Burton, who said that he did not even believe that his life would come to this, said, thinking that one day he will die because of the drugs he used in a park means that this is what it has become.

Drug addict of the past, this is what it looks like now

Virginia Burton

The woman, who has three children aged 29, 28, and 15, was married to her when the children were young. at your feet you were huggingsays that in those years it was impossible to live today. Because Burton used drugs every time he entered the kitchen in those years, and his children wanted their mother to go to the kitchen to prevent this. they tried to prevent. Think how difficult psychology is…

Now a university graduate and a working mother, she continues her life. Virginia Burtonexpresses that there are countless people like him and that he wants to be an inspiration to them. Expressing that no one knows what tomorrow will bring, Burton argues that it is necessary to start from today. Especially a 48-year-old woman who gave advice to young people, that no one should spend states.

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