The supersonic aircraft XB-1 is to roll out for the first time on October 7th

It should be ready on October 7th, when the first copy of the supersonic aircraft XB-1 will experience its rollout when fully assembled. The manufacturer Boom has now announced this. The aircraft will take off for the first time next year.

The Jet XB-1 ushers in the return of commercial supersonic flights and is the first of its kind to be independently developed

Boom said

. It is characterized by a particularly aerodynamic design, highly efficient drive and particularly light carbon fiber materials. The aircraft is about a third as long as the Jet Overture, which is supposed to fly 2030 passengers for the first time.

It was originally planned that the XB-1 would take off for a maiden flight in a test version at the end of 2018. At the time, it was said that there were already 76 airline orders. The demonstration aircraft will be equipped with three General Electric J85 jet engines. For the Overture, Boom plans to incorporate the latest noise-reducing technology so that its noise emissions are similar to those of conventional aircraft.

XB-1 as computer graphics.
(Image: Boom)

The last commercial flight on a passenger-supersonic aircraft was scheduled for July 25, 2000. The Concorde machine F-BTSC crashed shortly after takeoff, killing 109 people on board and four in a hotel. After the accident, Air France ceased operations of the Concorde, the British aviation authority withdrawn the aircraft’s fitness to fly.


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