The System That Can Predict Future Events From Tweets

Scientists have developed a system that addresses and analyzes topics on Twitter. With this system, the interactions of a hashtag, a topic or a person who is on the agenda can be seen. This, for example, gives an idea of ​​when that hashtag is and will be popular. It is thought that the system can predict possible financial and political turmoil in the future.

When an event occurs, social media This allows it to spread as quickly as possible. As this event spreads, people express their thoughts or react. As these reactions and ideas spread, they find more receptiveness and eventually this event agenda We see it become Afterwards, of course, this event, which gradually falls off the agenda, is replaced by another and this continues all the time.

Scientists believe that these ascending and descending events understand their stories and developed a new system to figure out how to use these stories. Twitter’daki Examining hashtags, topics and words, this system shows how people react to an event. In this way, the system about the future opinions are expected. Here are the details:

The story of any topic can be seen:


Shows when a particular topic or hashtag has risen and fallen in the stats Storywrangler The system, called Twitter, can see billions of posts made since 2008 and provide information about their stories. Thayer Alshaabi of the University of Vermontlikens this system to a telescope. While a small part of these shares can be seen with the naked eye, this system will enable more accurate inferences to be made.

Eight scientists, who created the system that takes its power from a supercomputer; It takes about 10 percent of shares such as hashtags, symbols, emojis or words and turns them into frequencies in the form of one or more parts. This, ‘Black Lives Matter‘ or ‘coronavirusLet’s give examples.


Wanting to show that possible political and financial upheavals can be predicted, the team has conducted ‘rebellion (rebellion)’ and ‘crackdown He studied the words ‘(restriction)’. The results of these examinations are the results of the carefully calculated calculations for these places before. with the geopolitical risk index pretty much matched.

It shows vividly the changes that ideas, topics or the use of certain words have undergone throughout the day, and for doing the first Storywrangler is in a very important position. This system, which enables to look back on important events in the future, still receives information from all segments of Twitter.


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Twitter has so far been one of many social, political or any other topics. a platform where the problem or solution is discussed has been and continues to be. Therefore, the information obtained through the analysis of the platform can give accurate results in general. You can share your thoughts about this system, which allows you to see many things from each topic, in the comments section.