The Walking Dead Final Season Release Date Announced


There were many critical events in Season 10 of The Walking Dead, now the date of the 11th season, when the finale of the series will begin, has been announced. The Walking Dead’s final season, which will bid farewell to the screens with Season 11, will consist of 24 episodes.

Breathtaking with its 10th season The Walking Dead’de The fact that the series will make the final both saddens all its fans and increases their expectations for the final season. Game of Thrones’un It was inevitable that there would be a serious fear climate in the middle as it progressed very quickly until the final and failed in the final season.

The Walking Dead final season Season 11 It could be involved in a new character we see in the comics. Unlike the 10th season, which was shot in 2 parts due to the coronavirus, the 11th season will be released in full, although it is a little delayed. Season 10 It is certain that there will be quite interesting events, and even a new main character comes to the series.

Mercer character joins series (may contain spoilers)

Note that this place may contain “spoilers”. Participating in the series in the 10th season Princess known for being close to character Mercer participates in the series. Mercer, whom we know from the comics with the red armor he wears, is certain to own the armor seen in the trailer.. Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War ve Constantine’den we know Michael James Shaw It is stated that he will give life to the character of Mercer.


The Walking Dead Says Goodbye to the Screens: Adventure Continues With A New Series

With the first 8 episodes 22 August 2021 will begin in the history of The Walking Dead 11.sezon big events are expected to happen. While the team named The Reapers seems to be wreaking havoc, the fact that the Alpha and Beta event is over will make everyone happy.

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