The Walkling Dead: Developer studio Telltale Games is re-founded

In September 2018, the developer studio Telltale Games was closed, around 200 employees lost their jobs. Now, investors have bought the rights to the name and some series to rebuild the studio. The owner is now a company called LCG Entertainment.

Job market

  1. Bechtle AG, Krefeld
  2. BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei Wilh. Herbst GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen

Among the other investors are Chris Kingsley, who founded in 1992 together with his brother Jason the British development studio Rebellion, as well as Lyle Hall (Heavy Iron Studios) and Tobias Sjögren (Starbreeze).

For the future fate of Telltale is managed by a management team: Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle. Both have not previously worked for Telltale, but come from the games industry – Ottilie mainly from the field of mobile games, Waddle was among others at the Havok Game Engine. They want to sell some of the license rights of Telltale Games, some series may be possibly continue, including Batman and The Wolf Among Us and in-house developments such as puzzle Agent.

The issue of licensing rights should be relatively complex in the studio, because in recent years almost only games based on foreign brands have emerged. Particularly successful were the series to The Walking Dead, there were also implementations of Minecraft, Borderlands, Game of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Speaking to the US media, Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle have said that some of the former employees may be new freelancers and later may be working full-time at their new location in Malibu, California. Telltale Games used to have its headquarters in San Rafael, a few hundred kilometers further north, near Silicon Valley.

The upcoming projects may use new technologies and production methods. That sounds good, most recently, the titles of Telltale were no longer on the current state of the art. Also, you might want to revise the business model. The release of episodes would probably hold on.

Ottilie said talking to polygonthat he is the "Idea of ​​binge-watching loves", This refers to the principle of Netflix, at the same time to publish all the consequences of a TV series. Transferred to games could mean that there will be no or at least much shorter waiting times for the next episode in future games by Telltale.