The Witcher: Third season of the TV series announced – and animated offshoots


Netflix wants to produce a third season of its successful TV series “The Witcher”. In addition, there should be an animated film and a new, animated series as offshoots in the Witcher world, which are aimed at families. The streaming service announced this at an online event at which many other new content was also announced. The details of the third season are not yet known – the second season is due to start on December 17th.

The TV series “The Witcher” about a witcher in a fantasy scenario is based on the stories of Andrzej Sapkowski, who also inspired a computer game trilogy of the same title, realized by the Polish development studio CD Projekt Red (the games are based on the events located in the books). The first season of the Netflix series was – despite mixed reviews – at times the most successful series of the streaming service, the second season should include 8 episodes. Until the start at the end of the year, Netflix also fills the waiting time with another trailer (a first trailer was recently shown at WitcherCon) and with two clips from the second season that the two of them Main characters Geralt and Ciri as the figure Nivellen demonstrate.

Road to Season 2 Trailer | The Witcher

It was already known that Netflix is ​​producing an offshoot of the series: “The Witcher: Blood Origin” is supposed to thematize the origins of the witchers and play Geralt 1200 years before the appearance of the main character. Netflix has now also shown new video material for this production as part of its online fan event: It shows the showrunner Declan de Barra on the set of the series.

And Netflix announced at its “Tudum” event, which was held for the first time, that it would use the setting of The Witcher for further offshoots. Accordingly, there should be an animated film and another series that is also animated and aims to appeal to children and families as an audience. The company did not provide any further details.


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