These are the most popular products and the flops

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On Black Friday 2021, online retailers and shops attract with attractive offers. The consumer shows which products are popular and which flops.

  • The smartwatch is in first place: The small portable computer for the wrist climbs 78 ranks.
  • The raclette takes second place: The classic cheese is booming at Christmas and New Year’s Eve and climbed 67 ranks during Black Friday.
  • The portafilter machine is in third place: The espresso machine brings a barista feeling into the house and increases by 65 places in the Black Friday week.

In 2006 Apple introduced Black Friday for the first time in Germany. Since 2013, it has also been well received by other German providers, so that consumers can look forward to attractive offers in November. has evaluated which products were most in demand on Black Friday 2021 and during Black Week on its own portal – and which fell the lowest in the internal ranking.

Black Friday 2021: The smartwatch is in first place

With the small computers for the wrist, you can not only control the functions of your mobile phone. “They can also be used as fitness watches and measure your heart rate, count steps and monitor the quality of sleep – very much like a fitness tracker,” explains an editor In terms of concept, there is something for everyone, from multifunctional and large to minimalist design and functionality. With 78 higher ranks during Black Week, the smartwatch made it to number one of the most popular products.

Black Friday 2021: Top product 2 is raclette

Raclette is not only a tradition at Christmas or New Year’s Eve, many also like to celebrate being together over a meal on other public holidays. Individual and varied dishes can be prepared quickly, freshly and for every preference. The editors’ tip is: “If you want even more variety in preparation, you can choose between traditional raclette grills and raclette ovens. With a non-stick coating, the washing up goes by itself. ”With 67 ranks won, the raclette comes in second.

Top product 3 is the portafilter machine

The portafilter machine came in third place among the top products with an increase of 65 ranks. “Although it stands for a little more manual work and personal work in preparing coffee, you have the taste experience in your own hands,” explains an editor Both the amount of brewing water used and the pressure used to prepare the espresso and the grind of the beans can be determined with this machine. With some models it is also possible to insert coffee pods.

  Black Friday 2021

The five top products on Black Friday 2021 (Graphic

The products in fourth and fifth place

Closely followed in fourth place is the straightening iron. “The styling tool for the bad hair day not only ensures straight hair, but can also be used for curly hairstyles with a little skill,” says the editor. During Black Week, the practical device rose 64 ranks. The vacuum cleaner without a bag is in 5th place with an increase in rank of 62. The models are equipped with so-called cyclone technology, which means that the device does not need a vacuum cleaner bag. This avoids follow-up costs and also ensures less waste.

Black Friday 2021: The flop product in first place is the spinning bike

Spinning bikes are practical fitness equipment for your own home that can be used to simulate training on a racing bike. The indoor bikes on the market differ greatly in terms of functionality. While some do not provide data at all, others display speed, pulse, calorie consumption and cadence. Although home fitness equipment is in high season in winter, the spinning bike fell 109 ranks during Black Week.

Black Friday 2021: Flop product 2 is bicycle lighting

The darkness comes early these days, according to the StVO, bicycle lights are compulsory for road users. The product range varies mainly with regard to the maximum luminosity and the duration of the light at the strongest level. These days, lights with automatic switch-on that adjust the luminosity to external light conditions are practical. Nonetheless, bike lights fell 94 ranks during Black Friday.

Flop product 3 is a forehead thermometer

Increases in temperature can have immense health effects on your body and are also a central symptom of diseases such as the flu or corona. With a forehead thermometer, you can diagnose a budding fever in good time. Using infrared technology, forehead thermometers can determine your body temperature reliably and without contact within seconds. They are therefore part of a well-stocked medicine cabinet. Nevertheless, they fell 84 ranks during Black Friday.

  Black Friday 2021
The five flop products on Black Friday 2021 (Graphic

Further flop products in fourth and fifth place

Headlamps are the ideal companion if you do not want to forego your daily sporty compensation after work these days and want to be visible to other road users. In the ranking they fell by 79 places – 4th place among the flop products. A slatted frame is not just a base for your mattress, but also has a significant impact on your sleeping comfort, depending on the number of slats and lying areas you have. During Black Week, the slatted frame drops 64 places in the ranking. is an independent consumer portal and offers users advice on buying products and services for everyday needs. Free guides, reviews, and comparison tables help readers make the right purchasing decisions, both large and small. The team thus reaches over 3,400,000 consumers per month (as of October 2021). is published by VGL Verlagsgesellschaft based in Berlin.

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