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New Pinterest shopping features include:

  • Collection Slide Show Ads
  • Idea pin ads with paid partnership
  • Inspirational dealer details
  • Feed Optimization Guide with Best Practices
  • Advanced filter options

The past year has accelerated the global shift towards e-commerce. But one important thing fell by the wayside: inspiration. Studies of Pinterest According to 89 percent of weekly active users * use Pinterest for inspiration on their way to purchase (GfK, Pinterest Path to Purchase Study among Weekly Pinners who use Pinterest in the Category). The reason for this is simple: Pinterest offers inspiration at every stage of the buying process – not just for users, but also for advertisers, retailers and content creators.

“On Pinterest, shopping is not just about buying, it is all of the moments before that that lead to buying. Thanks to machine learning and our visual search technology, people can also experience exactly what we call strolling in the offline world on Pinterest. For brands, this means that they can reach their target group very early with us and accompany them through all phases of the buying process. No other platform maps the entire shopping funnel like Pinterest ”, says Nikos Kotalakidis, Country Manager DACH.

New Pinterest Shopping Function: Collection Slide Show Ads

Users discover and buy products they love on Pinterest and therefore achieve higher shopping cart values. In fact, the shopping carts of Pinterest users are 85 percent larger than those of users on other platforms (Dynata, April 2021). The updated Collections Ads from Pinterest are intended to further exploit this potential for retailers. Collection slideshow ads enable advertisers to use their catalogs to create buyable, video-like content in the form of slideshows with their products. In the case of collection slideshow ads, the marked products are selected dynamically and presented to the pinners in a personalized manner.

Pinterest shopping: new inspiring retailer details

Pinterest shoppers don’t just fall in love with a product – they fall in love with a brand. 64 percent of users are looking for ideas, products and services on Pinterest that they can trust. Pinterest is a place where brands can connect with their target audience and score with their values.

Pinterest’s new inspirational retailer details help brands tell their story. They also ensure that the relationship between brands and users is strengthened by allowing brands to communicate their values. These include, for example, values ​​such as environmentally friendly, charitable commitment, responsibly sourced, personal touch and inclusive. By presenting these details, retailers can better connect with users who want to shop in line with their values.

In addition, Pinterest recently expanded the Verified Dealer Program to other countries, including Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico. As a result, Pinterest expands its marketplace with first-class retailers and products that inspire pinners. In return for high-quality products, accurate metadata, inspiring content and appropriate shipping and return guidelines, retailers receive added value through improved distribution, a special badge for more trust, and conversion reporting and insights.

Idea pin ads with paid partnerships, better product filtering, and guide for merchants

Content creators are an integral part of Pinterest because they bring inspiration to life through their creativity and expertise. In order to further support creators in building their business on Pinterest, Pinterest is now experimenting with Idea pin ads with paid partnerships. This new ad format allows select advertisers to promote Idea Pins from Creators they work with.

Idea Pin ads with a paid partnership enable companies to develop new target groups within the communities of high-reach creators. They can advertise the Pins to their own target groups and measure the performance on the Pinterest ad platform. Users come to Pinterest to be inspired by their favorite brands and creators and to shop. Therefore, good ads on Pinterest are not only welcome, they are expected. Pinners can view inspirational videos and pictures, and then find step-by-step instructions on the ad. Paid Partnership Idea Pin ads are being released in beta in these 15 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, and Mexico.

In addition, Pinterest is also introducing minor changes that will make existing tools more efficient and easier for retailers to use. From better product filtering and optimized measurements to automated budget solutions. A new guide for optimizing your own feed contains best practice examples for retailers and clearly shows how they can achieve reach and relevance in order to improve Pinterest shopping performance.

Pinterest shopping
Image: Pinterest

Find what you really love

Shopping on Pinterest is all about discovery. It’s about finding products that you didn’t even know existed – and at the same time finding out who you really are. That’s why Pinterest is launching a marketing campaign today in the US and soon in other countries: to celebrate the unique customer journey on Pinterest.

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