Things to be Considered in 17-Day Complete Closure


It has been a few days since the announcement of the 17-day full closure process that started tonight. However, questions remain about the bans. As the process started, we briefly explained the bans that will last until May 17 for you.

Beginning on April 29 and ending on May 17 the complete closing process started in the past few minutes. The process announced by President Erdogan this week was organized to reduce the number of cases that continue to increase rapidly. However, there are still questions about the bans in the minds of the citizens.

The rules for full closure are actually quite simple. Most rules are the ones we are already familiar with from weekend bans. The process is simply 17 days a curfew will be imposed. For certain needs, going out at certain times will be free with certain conditions. Traveling between cities will be completely forbidden. Let’s take a brief look at the rules to be followed in full closure.

Shopping permit will continue

quarantine shopping permit

The bans, which are expected to reduce the number of cases until the summer, have now begun. From now on, it will be forbidden to go out for 17 days, including today. Certain needs will be met For grocery shopping, it will be possible to go out from 10:00 to 17:00.. Between these hours Grocer, market, butcher, greengrocer, dried fruit shop and dessert shops will be open. Businesses with shuttle services will also be able to service homes between these hours. But Chain markets will be closed on Sundays.

The sale of alcohol will be prohibited

alcohol ban

The sale of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited during full closure. Businesses selling alcoholic products will be fined before the end of the 17-day bans.

24-hour takeaway service will be available in food and beverage venues

full closing package service

Eating and drinking places during prohibitions, most of which coincide with the month of Ramadan, Able to serve for 24 hours. As before, such businesses will not be able to host customers. With the end of Ramadan, the delivery service will end at 01:00. Bakery licensed businesses such as bakeries will be open only on the condition that they sell bread and bakery products.

Needy citizens will be helped during bans

pandemic hotline


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Needs of elderly or severely ill citizens who may have difficulty meeting their needs during the curfew, 112, 115 and 156 They will be covered by VEFA Social Support Groups, if they indicate on their numbers.

Staff will be able to feed stray animals

Street animals

Members of the organization responsible for feeding stray animals will be able to feed in areas such as parks and forests with local permits. Thus, food and water needs of street animals will not be interrupted.

Other details to know:

  • Employees in public and private health institutions and organizations, pharmacies, veterinary clinics and animal hospitals will be exempt from the curfew.
  • Fuel stations, food production and distribution companies, accommodation facilities, municipalities, places of worship, production facilities, transport workers and people who will participate in official sports competitions will be exempt from the curfew.
  • Those who have a mandatory health appointment will be able to go out within the hours given for the appointment.
  • Pet owners who need to be visited will be able to walk their animals limited in front of their residence.
  • In compulsory hearings, defendants and people who work in the court, such as lawyers, will be able to go out on court days.

In case of violation of the bans that will expire on May 17, the sanctions to be applied are certain. The sanctions will be applied as a fine as before. Those who go out for 17 days except for meeting basic needs, working, working in certain organizations A fine of 3 thousand 150 lira will be cut.