11 Things to Do When You Stuck at Home With Your Children

The corona crisis has a firm grip on us, daycare centers and schools are closed, and parents face the challenge that their kids are at home around the clock, but also not really allowed to go out and meet friends. Play groups have been put on hold, children’s swimming has been canceled and the babysitter has also canceled all appointments. The question arises: How should we keep the little ones busy all day long? So that the blanket does not fall completely on your head, we have come up with 11 things that you can do with your children at home.

coronavirus boredom

1. Games – the classic
Games are the classic when it comes to children’s fun – especially because they are so diverse. From great board games to puzzles to more active games like Twister, there are endless possibilities. If you don’t have any games in the house, you can also get active with the simplest of means: For city-country rivers you only need a piece of paper and a pen you don’t see “you even get by without any equipment – and train your brains too.

2. Watch films and series
Sure, parking kids just in front of the TV, laptop or tablet is not particularly educationally valuable. But let’s be honest: If parents are nerve-wracked or just need a breather, sometimes TV and Co. are just the savior in need. And that doesn’t have to be bad as long as you make sure that your kids consume something meaningful and don’t hang out in front of the telly all day. In fact, there are lots of great films that inspire children and parents alike, but there are also series in which young and old can still learn something. For example “The show with the mouse” – it runs daily on March 18 in the WDR and is also available in the ARD media center. So sit down with your kids, sit back, relax and be entertained by the child-friendly program.

3. Cooking and baking
Not only do we adults love it when our work brings tangible results – kids are also happy about results that they can be proud of. That is exactly why it is a great idea to involve your children in cooking and baking – because you have to eat anyway. And a self-made sandwich or pizza slice, hand-decorated cookies, homemade jam, diligently stirred soup or tomato sauce for the pasta tastes twice as good if you have made it yourself. The good thing: when cooking, kids not only get to know and appreciate the individual ingredients, they also understand that schnitzel does not grow in the freezer.

4. Crafts together
Another activity in which the youngsters can look forward to great results is handicrafts. Everyone who has made a piggy bank in his childhood knows how much fun that is – and that only with a balloon, newspaper, paste, egg cartons and some paint. If you need creative input, a good craft book for children can help. There are often hundreds of ideas for handicrafts with felt, finger paint and Co. Depending on your age, you can of course also do more sophisticated things: fold origami butterflies to decorate the walls, make macrame flower lights for the urban jungle, T- Pimp shirts with batik technique or make your own beeswax towels. For even more inspiration, it’s worth checking out Pinterest.

A great tip for everyone who finds the pictures of their kids heartwarming but not really decorative: The interior blog Newniq is currently publishing new and really stylish coloring pages for children – and not only protects you from the Corona koller, but also in front of indefinable scribble paintings on the walls.

5. Move!
Being inside does not automatically mean being lazy, because you can also move within your own four walls. Turn on your kids’ favorite music, dance to it or come up with a suitable choreo. Boy band was yesterday, family band is today! If that’s not crazy enough for you, practice headstand on the walls, do a wheelbarrow run through the hallway or stretch woolen threads in the living room, through which you then have to move in James Bond fashion without touching them.

6. Read out and have it read out
Who didn’t love it when mom, dad, or even both sat down in bed in the evening and read from their favorite book? But why should you only treat yourself to this fun before going to bed? Read something during the day – or: let read out! After all, there are lots of great radio plays for children. Another alternative is podcasts for children. Examples are the MDR podcast “My Challenge” or “Do you already know?” – a podcast quiz for children from the age of three. ARD also has an audio library for preschool children, but also for school children. You can just let them go and while the kids are listening intently, you can even iron or do other things.