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In December 2018, the bakery chain Backstube Herrmann Härdtner, in cooperation with the loyalty experts from secucard and Kalicom Kassensysteme Liebers e.K. the electronic “Härdtner customer card” and achieved a lot more than with a conventional discount card. With around 60 branches in and around the headquarters in Neckarsulm, the bakery chain Backstube Herrmann Härdtner is one of the large and successful companies in the industry.

The reason for this success lies in the successful combination of tradition and innovation. Because Härdtner is now in the third generation of baking according to the founder’s proven recipes. To this day, every single bread is shaped by hand. It goes without saying that this traditional, high product quality inspires regular and new customers. The Härdtners act very differently in corporate management. Here they rely on modern tools to assert themselves in the market and to offer their customers a special service, such as the electronic customer card.

In the morning at half past eight in bakeries

We all know this picture. While most of the shops are still closed or slowly open their doors tired of the morning, a line has already formed in front of your favorite bakery. Whether a few breakfast rolls, a coffee for the journey or a baggage for the breakfast break, between half past seven and half past nine it is very busy in German bakeries. But it doesn’t always go as fast as the customers in a hurry would like. The friendly sales staff do their best.

Nevertheless, it cannot prevent the first customers in line from turning off due to impatience or lack of time. At the latest when the third customer laboriously collects his change or tries to pay with a 50 euro note and there is no change in the cash register, resentment arises. And the stamping of discount cards also costs valuable time in this situation and strains the nerves of those waiting. Too bad for the bakery. Because whether annoyed customers start a new attempt the next day or are lost to a competitor is in the stars. It goes without saying that this process is repeated during the lunch break for soup, salad or snack and on Sunday afternoon at coffee time.

Customer card

The managing directors of the Herrmann Härdtner bakery present the new customer card. (Image: secupay)

Customer card: It’s more relaxed at Härdtner

Of course, the branches of the Herrmann Härdtner bakery subject to the daily highs and lows in demand. But here paying is made easy. In particular, contactless payment with a customer card or a credit or debit card works faster and more easily than in other bakeries. Because thanks to the consistent integration of the card or EC terminal in the Kalikom cash register system, the terminal can be permanently on the sales counter and all you have to do is press a button to start the checkout process. The previously cumbersome fetching of the card reader, activation and entry of the amount are no longer necessary. In this way, cashless payment works faster than any other payment method.

This also eliminates the need to change money and the annoying small change rummaging around. And sales can be processed considerably faster and more efficiently, especially in times of great demand. The fastest way is with the electronic Härdtner customer card, of which around 145,000 copies are now in circulation. By implementing the secucard software in the Kalicom cash register system, the card does not only automatically credit bonus percentages, it also serves as a credit card for cashless payments without entering a PIN or signature. And important in Corona times: Payment is completely contactless. The card only needs to be held in front of the cash register scanner. The result: more sales, more security and happier customers.

Customer card: the shopping cart is used for the bonus

Another advantage: By integrating the secucard solution into the cash register system, the actually purchased shopping cart is used as the basis for the bonus, so that the different VAT rates for different products are documented. In this way, any misuse that occurs with analog stamp cards through multiple stamping or stamping, although the purchased product is not discountable, is excluded. And the booking of the bonuses used takes place as a sales tax-relevant reduction in income.