This is how ManoMano wants to challenge Amazon


In 2013 Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raisson founded the online marketplace for do-it-yourself supplies called ManoMano. Within six years, the start-up ManoMano Already received 311 million euros from investors worldwide and now wants to conquer the German market with another round of financing.

Since then, the company has been growing rapidly and supplying more and more people in Europe with products for bathrooms, patios, etc. that can be researched and bought online. With 3.5 million customers and four million items, the marketplace for DIY, outdoor and interior design offers one wide selection of different brands such as Bosch, Gardena or Kärcher.

In addition, helpful tips and individual inspiration can be found on the ManoMano website and blog. "So that our customers can not only plan projects in their own walls in detail, but also be delighted with a holistic sense of achievement," said the two founders.

Online marketplace
ManoMano offers a large selection of DIY and garden supplies on its online marketplace.

Market gap discovered with online marketplace for home improvement

Since the most well-known hardware stores have not yet taken the big step into online business, ManoMano fills a gap in the market that has so far been closed in six European countries, namely Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Belgium. To on this 400 billion home improvement and gardening market the new portal mediates between buyers and dealers – since 2016 also in Germany. The comparison with the big players among online marketplaces, such as Amazon, is not long in coming. In order to be able to stand up to the industry giant, ManoMano offers advantages that should convince both retailers and online shoppers.

Do-it-yourself products are often advice-intensive and are therefore only sparsely bought on the websites of the DIY stores as well as via Amazon. ManoMano does it here with its digital consulting concept the difference. "We want to personally support people with their purchases and projects," explains founder Philippe de Chanville. With a specially trained team of experts, this can also be done conveniently from home via the Internet, and over the past year 2019, over a million conversations were held between customers and the so-called “manodvisors”.

Online marketplace ManoMano
The founders of ManoMano: Philippe de Chanville (left) and Christian Raisson.

Online marketplace: personal advice to customers

But not only the customers are personally supported with their shopping, the dealers also benefit from a personal accompaniment by three teams from ManoMano. Key account managers as well as a quality team and technical support take care of all matters. Managing Director Christian Raisson explains the principle behind it: “We only grow if our dealers also grow. Right now, in times of Corona, we are in contact with the dealers almost every day. "

In order to be able to offer an optimal shopping experience, ManoMano also carries out regular quality controls. In contrast to Amazon, the portal does not penalize the connected retailers in the event of deficits without warning, but contributes proactively Quality improvement at. ManoMano also offers manufacturers the opportunity to sell to other European countries – an advantage especially for German dealers with high product quality.

Own logistics system supports export of goods

With the company's own Logistics system "ManoFulfillment" the platform can also export goods and shorten delivery times. "We will also launch this independent warehouse in Germany in 2020," confirms de Chanville. With the current round of financing of 125 million euros, the German market in particular is to be pushed. "

With a trading volume of 67 million euros, the dealers from Germany are already the most important exporters and we would like to expand this further. In addition, given its size, the German market is the key market for the online marketplace ManoMano, ”said de Chanville. “In 2019, we increased growth in Germany by 121 percent year-on-year. And this journey will continue, ”the Frenchman is convinced. (sg)

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