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The sales made in the Christmas business make the difference between a good and a very good business year. The prerequisite for this is thorough planning of the run-up to Christmas. Those who address buyers with the right means at the right time will also be among the winners of e-commerce in 2021.

Even if Christmas is still a few months away, it is already time to bring the ongoing search engine campaign up to date and to book relevant keywords. This not only attracts particularly early Christmas shoppers, but the campaign can also be optimized so that it is tailored as best as possible to the search preferences of the target group.

Christmas business: drawing up a campaign plan

In order to get the most out of the Christmas business, it is advisable to draw the target group’s attention to the offer at an early stage with regular newsletters, discount campaigns and important promotional days. It is crucial to plan all marketing activities in advance. This creates exciting incentives to buy, with which – if the timing is right – you can stand out from the competition.

October is the perfect time to promote your newsletter more intensively. Newsletters are a good tool to reach your customers directly and to ensure that they do not miss any discount campaigns, competitions etc. when they are in the maximum shopping mood. With exclusive promotional days, loyal customers can be given the opportunity to secure special offers and buy early before everyone else. From November at the latest, you should increase the frequency of the newsletter significantly and send it at least twice a week.

Attend Black Friday before the holiday season

November 26th is Black Friday again. Since many shoppers have already entered this date in their calendars, they should not be disappointed. And therefore also take part in this special sales event. In order to draw attention to discounts and coupon codes, online retailers should send a special newsletter to their customers at eight o’clock in the morning. However, caution is advised when advertising this event. Since the term “Black Friday” is protected, it is better to rely on creative word games.

The first Advent falls this year on November 28th – the ideal time to advertise the carefully planned Advent calendar competition. In this way, customers are playfully motivated to visit the shop every day and can be encouraged to buy with changing promotions. Parcel delivery companies boom during the Christmas season. When shopping online, it is very important to know what the latest time is to place an order. This is the only way to get the parcels in time for Christmas.

Suggestions for last minute shopping

If there is not much time left to make the final gift decisions, last-minute shoppers should be informed of this with a countdown via a newsletter. Those who are still looking for gifts on December 24th can be made aware of solutions such as digital vouchers or Click & Collect. And even after the Christmas business, there is little time to breathe: Anyone who has received money for free or is looking for bargains will be happy about special offers for the New Year.

About the author: Marcel Fischer is Head of Marketing at the digital agency dc AG. the dc AG is a software provider and full-service digital agency with locations in Kulmbach and Marktredwitz. The company was founded in 2010 and now looks after over 200 medium-sized companies across Europe. With its digital know-how, dc AG can implement complex projects on schedule and on budget. (sg)

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