THK Trustee Board Chairman Cenap Aşçı Resigned


It has been revealed that Cenap Aşçı, the Chairman of the Trusteeship Board of the Turkish Aeronautical Association, has resigned. According to Sözcü’s report, Aşçı, who organized his last meeting, signed his resignation letter after the meeting and left the institution. An official statement on the matter is expected.

Turkey went through a very difficult period in July. The forest fires that started all over our country caused our hearts to burn. The people living in the burned areas due to unpaid aid came to the point of revolt. In addition, one of the institutions that we discussed the most at that time was Turkish Aeronautical Associationwas. While our forests are burning, it belongs to THK your planes not usingmet with protest from the citizens.

THK was managed by a trustee committee for a while. At the head of the trustee delegation Cenap Asci existed. The cook was also on the agenda with the statements he made in those days when the fires broke out one after another. Whether he said he was at a wedding during the fires or statements about airplaneshad caused the cook to sit in the center of the arrows of criticism. Now, there has been a new development on this subject.

It has been announced that Cenap Aşçı has resigned

Cenap Asci

According to the news of Yusuf Demir from Sözcü Cenap Aşçı, Chairman of THK Trustee Committeeheld a meeting today. After this meeting, the cook tidied his room and signed his resignation letter. left the institution. Thus, the name of the institution, which was number one in the most controversial period of the Turkish Aeronautical Association, ended its mandate.


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No statement was made about the news that Sözcü had served. When we look at the social media accounts and official website of the Turkish Aeronautical Association, we do not see any explanation. A similar situation exists in Cenap Aşçı’s social media accounts. However, in a short time, a statement on the subject and the resignation finalizing it Waiting.

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