Those Upgrading to iOS 15 Encounter Many Errors

The errors that come with the OS 15 update are increasing day by day. With the statement made by Apple, it was announced that the update works to fix the errors are continuing. Although it is unclear when iOS 15.1 will arrive, minor bugs are expected to be fixed with the iOS 15.0.1 update in a short time.

The new software update iOS 15, which was made available by Apple immediately after the launch of the iPhone 13, includes many innovations as well as some with errors came.

One of the audio problems that users have experienced after upgrading to iOS 15 we talked about. This new update continues to be criticized by many users for various reasons.

iOS 15 not adopted by users

Apple İOS 15


Apple Allegedly Ignored 3 Vulnerabilities Found in iOS 15

The company that analyzes user interactions with web and mobile applications Mixpanel’e According to the results, users who upgraded to the software update released on September 20 % 20’si encountered errors. For this reason, users should use iOS 15. could not adopt. Apple in June for iOS 14 % 85’lik an adoption rate had reported, no statistics for iOS 15 yet did not specify. Based on the analysis of Mixpanel, according to the user experience so far, the adoption of iOS 15 is better than iOS 14. more slowly progressing.

The main reason for this is that iOS 14 is important to users. security precautions While it offers the option to continue receiving it, in iOS 15 this feature is not yet available. failure to develop it could be. Apart from this, there are many other errors encountered. These errors are mainly; Problems with iCloud backups are in the form of loss of functionality on touch screens and glitches in unlocking features with Apple Watch. can be sorted.


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Apple says these issues will go away with a software update coming soon. announced. Currently, studies are carried out to solve the problems that come with this version, beta version of iOS 15.1 being tested. However, there is no clear information about when the version will be updated. Apple’s emerging security bugs and other simple bugs have recently been patched with a minor update like iOS 15.0.1. to dissolve Waiting.

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