Thousands of new users: Vodafone clears 5G bid

From September 2, 2019, Vodafone Germany waives all surcharges for the use of the new 5G mobile communications standard. That said Vodafone boss Hannes Ametsreiter the Rheinische Post, "Since launching a few weeks ago, we're seeing thousands of new users"explained the manager. The change would hit the important red and young rates where standard 5G is often not part of the offer.

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  1. webschuppen GmbH, Hamburg
  2. Siemens Management Consulting (SMC), Munich

Vodafone has been marketing 5G since 17 July. In existing mobile phone rates the 5G usage can be booked for a monthly surcharge of 5 Euros. In tariffs with real data flat rate the 5G use is included in the price.

Ametsreiter said that there are currently 50 5G radio stations, and by the end of the year one will "reach half a million people, end of 2020 ten, end of 2021 then 20 million people", As of September 2, Vodafone will also fully integrate the newly acquired cable company Unitymedia. From this day, there are in the 130 Unitymedia shops in the three federal states mobile. The newly auctioned 5G spectrum is not yet allocated. "We are using existing frequencies from the 3.5 GHz range we have already acquired in the past, and by allocating the new frequencies we will be able to further optimize performance in the 5G network."said Vodafone spokesman Tobias Krzossa on 15 August 2019.

In the 540 Vodafone shops DSL customers would be offered to switch to cable. Ametsreiter: "Every cable customer here is one less customer for whom we have to pay high DSL rents, and today we transfer more than € 500 million to Telecom every year, saving an estimated € 425 million in synergies per year from 2025. "