THQ Nordic Announces Game Titled ELEX 2


The sequel to the action RPG game ELEX released by THQ Nordic in 2017 is coming. Announced with a promotional video prepared by the company, ELEX 2 will continue the adventures of Jax, our character in the first game.

Video game enthusiasts, in 2017 “ELEXThey had the opportunity to meet an action RPG game called “. Developed by Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic Although the game, which was published by the company, has a single-player structure, it especially enchanted the players with its story and managed to reach millions of gamers. THQ Nordic is now ELEX’s as a sequel announced ELEX 2.

ELEX, in 2017 It was experienced by PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC owners when it was released. If the new game PlayStation 5It will be released as Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC compatible. The price of the game and the official release date are for now. Unknown.

The main character in ELEX will continue the story in ELEX 2


ELEX is shaped around a character named Jax. action-packed It offered an experience. The promotional video for ELEX 2 is also in the new game. Jax reveals that this new character named will take place. However, we do not know anything about what awaits our main character in the new game. The company’s in the coming months The statements he will make will allow us to learn more about ELEX 2.


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ELEX 2 is currently listed on Steam. When we look at this listing page, the shared information about the game is quite limited we see that. The developer team system requirements It’s not even explained properly. If you want to check out ELEX 2’s listing page on Steam and play the game already. to wish list If you want to add, here You can use the link.

Here is the promotional video prepared for the announcement of ELEX 2

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