Threema boss: master key for secret services “not possible at all”

The head of the messenger service Threema has sharply criticized calls for state security authorities to access private chat messages. “These demands for a master key testify to the lack of need on the part of the authorities,” said Martin Blatter World on Sunday. Technically, that is not even possible. “We don’t even have a master key that we can store. The encryption is done by the users and not by us.”

In mid-November, alleged plans by EU states to ban the secure encryption of messages on channels such as WhatsApp caused great excitement. The German EU Council Presidency had drafted a resolution on the subject. However, the paper was vague and did not go into detail on how security agencies should be able to decipher encrypted messages. Civil rights activists and data protectionists nevertheless sharply criticized the initiative.

Blatter also emphasized that the perpetrators of terrorist attacks are almost always known to the authorities and are on record. “That means that politics has failed to protect the citizens.” In the newspaper interview, he also spoke of the fact that US secret services had forced router manufacturers to build back doors that were ultimately also used by China.


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