Thuringia’s state administration is making progress with the home office


Thuringia has improved the technical conditions so that civil servants and employees can work from home. The Ministry of Finance responsible for digitizing the administration announced on request that there are currently almost 9,000 specially secured connections that enable access to the state data network from mobile devices. That is around 2500 more than in June.

The acquisition of new technology is still problematic because the market for tablets, laptops or mini-PCs, for example, has been swept empty and there are long delivery times. Several thousand devices have been ordered since 2020. A final easing of the situation is “still not in sight”, according to the ministry.

Interrupted supply chains and increased demand due to the corona pandemic have been causing severe delivery problems on the hardware market since 2020. For the gaming sector, for example, the CEO of graphics card manufacturer Nvidia expects delivery problems until the end of 2022.

Access to the specially secured state data network is currently available from around 25,000 workplaces. In addition to the almost 9,000 protected network connections (VPN) for mobile working, there are, among other things, 2,500 teleworking positions. In addition, the administration is equipped with tablets and smartphones with secure areas for mobile access to calendar, contacts and e-mails. The ministry could not name the number of state employees who are currently working from home. You will not be recorded.

Police and schools that use their own technology are not included in the figures. For security and cost reasons, however, these areas should also be included step by step, insofar as they belong to the state administration, explained a ministry spokeswoman.


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