THY Cancels The Catering On Flights Due To Coronavirus


Turkish Airlines announced that due to the coronavirus pandemic, they will not offer catering on all domestic flights and international flights up to 2 hours. The company said the water service will continue if the passengers wish.

Turkey’s largest airline company Turkish Airlines (THY) also regularly changes its policies on flights due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company has recently decided to change the catering concept on domestic and international flights. According to this all domestic and up to two hours abroad No treats will be offered to passengers on their flights.

Making a statement on the subject, THY used the following statements:

“Dear passengers, During the pandemic process, we changed our current catering concept in order to maximize the health of you and our crews and to minimize the cabin crew-passenger contact.

In this context, catering services will not be provided on all our domestic flights and international flights up to 2 hours.

In these flights, water service will be provided to our passengers who request. Catering services in a special box / package will continue for our international flights over 2 hours. “

Especially due to the suspension of flights between March and June 2020, THYfocused on cargo flights to minimize damage. The company, which resumed its domestic and international flights after June, continues to work to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission at this point.

Especially where cabin crew and passengers have the most contact the catering section decided to eliminate completely domestically, and also abroad Less than 2 hours On flights, there will be no special offerings other than water. So do you think that this rule taken by THY can help prevent the pandemic? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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