TikTok Reaches 1.5 Billion Downloads


TikTok, the popular short video publishing app, is becoming more and more popular. TikTok, which was downloaded 614 million times in 2019, reached a total of 1.5 billion downloads.

Since its launch, it has made a rapid debut and has become one of the most popular social media applications of recent times. TikTokhas become a threat to many social media applications. TikTok has achieved a high number of downloads, the most popular and managed to leave social media applications behind in the markets.

Sensor Tower, a mobile intelligence company, recently shared a report. As shown in the shared report, TikTok has 614 million managed to reach the number of downloads. TikTok, which reached 6 percent more downloads than last year, also exceeded 1 billion downloads in February. Another information revealed in the published report revealed TikTok's competition with other social media applications.

TikTok placed 3rd in the list of the most downloaded non-gaming applications outperformed Facebook and Instagram


In the reports of the Sensor Tower, another success that TikTok achieved this year was revealed. Instagram and Facebook are among the most used social media applications in the world. surplus TikTok is among the most downloaded games this year 3rd place. WhatApp is ranked # 1 in the second row of Messenger. Behind TikTok, Facebook is behind it and Instagram is the fifth place behind it.


US Declares TikTok as National Security Threat

Faced with investigations and prohibitions in a number of countries, including the US, TikTok has özellikleNational Security Threat’. In addition, obscene content shared in the application is revealed by the data shown in the reports that TikTok has not lost anything of its popularity because of the violent sharing that has been criticized by people in many countries. The company hasn't shared any links yet.