TikTok Waited Three Hours to Report Young Suicide

Social media platform TikTok did not report to the police for three hours that a Brazilian teenager would commit suicide on the air. It was announced that TikTok tried to take measures to prevent the news from spreading instead of reporting the incident to the police.

Video sharing platform TikTokis charged with great negligence. According to The Intercept's claim, TikTok did not report the incident to the police for three hours, although a Brazilian teenager detected suicide on the air. TikTok's event instead the news to spread It is stated that he is trying to take measures for.

1 year ago, the 19-year-old Brazilian teen died at TikTok. Alive as reportedly. When TikTok officials warned the live broadcast about the issue, the staff of this department would report the situation to the police for three hours to prevent the spread of suicide attempts. declined.

They waited for three hours


This video, which raises questions about how the popular social media platform works behind the scenes, the approach remained on TikTok for an hour and a half and before it was removed from the platform 500 with comment at 15 complaint took. Allegedly TikTokstarted to implement a public relations strategy. Taking measures to prevent the video from going viral, the platform follows the other social media platforms. spread that spread Checked.

Preparing a press release that will never be published afterwards, TikTok stated here that TikTok does not allow content that hurt or killed people. Only 4 from the start of the incident, and TikTok from the event. After 3 hours officials informed the police.

TikTok told Business Insider about the subject,fault'claimed to have occurred. TikTok, who started a disciplinary investigation about his employees due to the process, noted that there was a change in the evaluation processes, but on what these changes were. detail He did not.

There have been two cases in India before


Aside from TikTok's crisis management process, it will enable the social media platform to take action in the event of an open live broadcast suicide. content audit system There were also question marks regarding. Responsible for controlling TikTok content technical team but after being warned by the owners of the Brazilian social media channel, he became aware of suicide.

However, the problem of dealing with violent or suicidal images does not only belong to TikTok. Social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are also criticized for not being able to block violent images.

Launched in 2018, the TikTok application has been in total since then. 1.5 billion times downloaded. The application, which is especially popular with young people, sees Brazil as one of its most important markets. On the other hand, this death case is similar to this on the platform. first event not. About to commit suicide in India before two death cases It was published.



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On the other hand, the popularity of the application in the UK is TikTok's parent company based in China. bytedan by because he is suspicious. US officials say that the Chinese government access voices doubts that it is.

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