TikToker, who read and returned the book he bought, created a controversy


Let not a day pass so that a video that appeared on TikTok does not circulate in other social networks… This time, the user, who returned the book he bought from Amazon after reading it, created a discussion on Twitter with the “mentally nervous” idea he found.

There are certain rights granted to us as consumers. For example, any product we buy, Within 14 days and without any excuse we can refund. This right, which aims to eliminate the grievances caused by faulty and defective products, especially in online shopping, can sometimes be abused by consumers.

We see the clearest example of this in a video shared by TikTok user “lokumhanim”. The user, who orders the book through Amazon, reads the book and returns it within 14 days. Undoubtedly, users on Twitter are divided about this unethical sharing.

Here’s the TikTok user’s video: