Tim Cook Trips Out With Letter To His Leaking Employees


Tim Cook, CEO of technology giant Apple, sent a mass email to company employees. In this e-mail he sent, Cook touched upon the employee’s leak of information to the press and took a small trip, saying that these leakers do not belong to Apple.

United States-based technology giant Applenew last week iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch introduced its products. In addition to the devices that gained great acclaim before they were even in the hands of users, the company recently iOS 15It also released iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and tvOS15.

Of course, in order for Apple, which makes a big splash every year with the introduction of its new products and services, to maintain this excitement, it is of course important to know what people will encounter. their unawareness needs. But, like many other companies, Apple is responsible for the news of new products, services, important dates, and more. from being leaked to the press stricken. This situation, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’u He seems to have bothered enough to send mass e-mails to employees.

“The leakers are not from Apple”

Tim Cook

Cook began his e-mail by thanking all the employees. In this meeting, which was held on Friday with the participation of employees around the world, Cook talked about the achievements achieved so far. From here on, Cook said that in the meeting in question, the employees were also very he is complaining addressed a problem.

Employees who complain that meeting topics are conveyed to the press share the same feelings Cook said:

I want you to have no doubt that we will do everything in our power to find the people who pass the information. As you know, we do not tolerate the disclosure of private information. Persons transmitting information a small number of we know they are. In addition, those who leak private information they don’t belong here we also know.


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After that, Cook conveyed his thanks again to the employees and ended his e-mail with a reassuring closing. Many manufacturers complain about such leaks to the press.

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