Time for a sustainable change

Returns management: Create understanding and remain economical

However, the best sustainability concept is of little use if the shop and logistics team is not behind it. Therefore, retailers should not optimize processes from the top down, but tackle the whole thing together with their team. Creating understanding is essential. Also important to reduce worries in the team. Many employees fear job cuts as soon as digitization progresses. Rather, it is a support. This is exactly what retailers should focus on. With the right approaches, online retailers can significantly improve returns management and sustainability while remaining economical. By rethinking processes, relying on digital tools and further sensitizing the team and customers. It is high time to tackle the issue hand in hand.

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Returns Management, Micha Augstein

The author Micha Augstein is the founder and managing director of Parcel.One, the logistics service provider for cross-border online trade. Since 2006 he has been investing in various logistics solutions and building up companies. Previously he worked in wholesale for various fashion brands.