Time out from everyday life: The pictures of the week (week 33)


Those who take photos pause for a moment and give something, a situation or a person more than just a look. Some motifs particularly affect the observer, because they allow a moment of inner peace, a sigh of relief and relaxation. A warm lighting atmosphere in nature, the appetizing sight of freshly baked goods or birds and insects that you observe can be captured with the camera and taken home. The positive feeling accompanies the photo every time you look at it.

The photographers in our photo gallery captured these little moments of happiness last week – the peacock strolling in the evening light in the castle park, delicious cinnamon rolls and coffee as a food photo or the rainbow after bad weather.

In our photo gallery you can see an overview of the pictures from the past week:

Picture on saturdayFlashcube discovered the scene in the Eggenberg Palace Park in Graz by accident. Whoever feels like a king here today cannot be overlooked.
(Image: flashcube)

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More from c't photography

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