Titanfall will blow in season 9 of Apex Legends

Apex Legends is preparing to step into a major update in Season 9 with Titanfall content. In Apex Legends, the popular Battle Royale game, a very entertaining season awaits its players.

BrownGirlGamerCode’un Author of Apex Legends on a panel Ashley Reed, actually Titanfall and Apex Legends He stated that they were very close to each other. Apex Legends is actually about the aftermath of the great war in the Titanfall series. But Reed is Respawn Entertainment’s universe designed for Titanfall. Apex Legends’a He states that he is determined to integrate.

The season 9 theme of Apex Legends will be Titanfall. May 4, 2021 Apex Legends, which is thought to be published on the 9th season, Titanfall In fact, seeing maps, costumes and robots will not be surprising. Likewise, it is stated that serious integration studies have been carried out in many aspects in the game.

Get ready for the Titans that will fall from the sky

Apex Legends

Respawn oyuna titans He stated that he was looking for many ways to add, but it was very difficult without disturbing the balance elements in the game. Saying that he has developed thousands of prototypes to integrate the Titans into the game Respawn He stated that they are working very hard for this, but it is impossible to add the giant death robots to the game for now.


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By the way, it is worth noting a few users. RedditAccording to his statement in match type He states that he is preparing. Rather than adding Titans directly into Apex Legends, it is claimed that Titanfall content can come as a “match type or game mode” and it will be quite fun. Although it is currently unclear which Titanfall modules will be added to the game, apart from weapons and costumes, you will see tons of Titanfall features in Apex Legends in season 9.

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