Toast Started to be Sold with Crypto Coins in Antalya


A business selling toast in Antalya started to receive payments with cryptocurrencies. Making a statement about the service he started, business owner Ahmet Bağiçi says that the reactions are positive and especially young people want to benefit from this service.

In these days when crypto money markets are not falling off the agenda, people related to cryptocurrencies There was also an increase in creative situations. In this context, we have already heard that some companies and businesses started to serve with cryptocurrencies. A new one was added to these. Selling toast in a small shop in Antalya Ahmet Bagici A citizen named began to receive payments in crypto currencies.

Bağiçi, who gave an interview to the press members who reached them, did not count the large enterprises, that you are the only says. The business owner, who says that he has already given all kinds of payment opportunities to his customers, says that from now on, payments can be made with crypto currencies. Moreover, Bağiçi is popular for facilitating the process. all platforms activated.

Here is the business that sells cryptocurrency toast

You toasted

One of the facilities in the crypto money markets is that you can make transactions with QR codes. The operator benefiting from this situation, in a few seconds gets paid. This process, which takes place even faster than credit cards, especially by young people that you are loved Bağiçi said, and he is extremely sure that the reactions that will come in the future will be even more positive.


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When he tells his customers that cryptocurrencies are valid for payment wonder is happening Ahmet Bağiçi said that after people perceived the incident, they asked how this was done and decided to make the payment with crypto money. Stating that the step he took increases the interest in the business, the business owner, that you live your happiness He added.

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