Top Rated 20 Instagram Sharing


Numerous content is uploaded to Instagram every day. In addition, the content on the platform receives a total of 3 billion likes every day. What are Instagram's most liked posts?

One of the most popular social media platforms in the world Instagramgrows a little more every day. With the content they upload to the platform, users increase Instagram's presence every second. Even when Instagram came into our lives, a huge craziness of appreciation began in the internet. People have done everything they can to make the photos and videos they upload to Instagram very popular.

Instagram has a billion users per month. According to statistics, these users will be 3 billion They are so appreciated. This number of coveted likes may not seem like much when interpreted by the total number of content on Instagram, but there are some photos that are liked by many on Instagram. Here in this news, we will share the most admired shares of Instagram.

Here are the 20 most liked posts on Instagram

20. Selena Gomez (12.26 Million)

Selena Gomezis a popular name all around the world. In addition, Gomez's brave shares from time to time, the Instagram platform rages. We will see Selena Gomez, who is in the 20th rank of our list, in the following stages.

19. Cracked Eggs (12.56 Million)

In fact, such a list does not have any features the eggs you may not expect it to take place. However, this photo has been viral for a long time and even bets have been arranged for this photo.

18. Cristiano Ronaldo and his family (12.77 Million)

Cristiano Ronaldomay be one of the best players in the world. But Ronaldo's only skill is not football. He's a very good father and a very good wife. In addition, Ronaldo is one of Instagram's most famous names, and almost every share he makes is admired millions of times by his followers.

17. Sharing of Mac Miller by Ariana Grande (12.78 Million)

Young Rapper Mac MillerLost his life in 2018. Miller's unexpected death was met with great sorrow by his fans and relatives. One of the most upset by Miller's death was his suspected ex-boyfriend Ariana Grande.

16. Stormi, daughter of Kylie Jenner (12.87 Million)

Kyle Jenner, Instagram is a name that almost everyone knows closely. Because it's a real Instagram phenomenon and happening with every sharing. In fact, Instagram's top 20 most popular sharing Kylie JennerWe can say that we can see.

15. Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi (12.99 Million)

We said Kylie Jenner was a real Instagram phenomenon. Jenner, I need it. daughter he succeeds to push the summits of Instagram both with his wife and with his shares alone.

14. Tom Holland's Robert Downey Jr. Sharing with (13.27 Million)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a well-known and loved medium. In this case, cinema lovers, Marvel stars have a great interest. Especially Spiderman And Iron Man is one of Instagram's most acclaimed posts.

13. Kylie Jenner celebrates Travis Scott's birthday (13.30 Million)

Kylie Jenner posted this post on Instagram's rated list once again.

12. Jenner family snowboarding adventure (13.37 Million)

You may not like Kylie Jenner or want to see her shares. If you think so, the above cute You can watch a girl thinking it is a snowboarding adventure.

11. Hailey Baldwin sharing by Justin Bieber (13.42 Million)

Justin Bieber, one of the most talked about young people of the time, found his love in Hailey Baldwin. That's when Bieber's followersThey showered their loving sharing of appreciation.

10. Kylie Jenner's Avengers-themed sharing (13.67 Million)

The Avengers: Endgame is already sitting on the agenda of the whole world film as we had appeared. When Kylie Jenner was added on top of it, this post, which received about 14 million likes, was released.


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9. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott (14.01 Million)

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