Top Selling Phone Brands in Turkey Announced

Compiling BTK’s 2021-1 Quarter Market Data Report, Habertürk revealed the distribution of the smartphone market in Turkey by brands. The investigations show that Samsung and Apple dominate the Turkish smartphone market.

Necdet Caliskan from Haberturk, Information Technologies and Communications Authority 2021-1 Quarter Market Data ReportHe conducted a striking research by compiling the data in The report prepared on the research reveals that 70 percent of the new smartphones purchased in Turkey are supplied by only two brands. These brands, as might be expected, Samsung and Apple.

Data from BTK’s report shows that the smartphone market in Turkey It consists of 16 brands reveals. A large part of these brands are names that are already well-known in the industry. However, we are sure that many of our followers will hear some brands for the first time. If you wish, without further ado, smartphone market in Turkey. Let’s take a closer look at what the situation is like.

Samsung’s market share exceeds Apple’s


According to the data compiled from the BTK report, in the first quarter of 2021, around 870 thousand 800 Samsung phone was sold. This is Samsung’s market share, 36.7 percent reveals that. The sales amount of Apple, which is in the second place of the market, in the first quarter 770 bin 300 was recorded as. This is Apple’s market share in Turkey. 32.4 percent reveals that.


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Looking at the rest of the list, the market shares it is very very low We see. For example; Even OPPO, which is in the third place of the list, has a market share of 6.2 percent. This clearly shows that Samsung and Apple are dominant in Turkey. According to the first quarter data, there is such a large market in Turkey, where 26 thousand phones are sold per day. dominance to be, indeed very remarkable.

The market shares of brand new phones sold in Turkey are as follows:

  • Samsung: 36.7 percent with 870 thousand 800 units
  • Apple: 32.4 percent with 770 thousand 300 units
  • OPPO: 6,2 percent with 147,500 units
  • General Mobile: 5 percent with 118 thousand 300 units
  • Redmi: 4.2 percent with 100 thousand 700 units
  • Reeder: 4.1% with 97 thousand 800 units
  • Hiking: 3.4 percent with 81 thousand units
  • LITTLE: 1.7 percent with 41 thousand 100 units
  • Huawei: 1.5 percent with 36 thousand 600 units
  • Xiaomi: 1.1 percent with 26 thousand 300 units
  • Casper: 1.1 percent with 26 thousand 100 units
  • Vivo: 1 percent with 24,700 units
  • Trident: 6 per thousand with 15 thousand 300 units
  • Realm: 4 per thousand with 10 thousand 300 units
  • Dooge: 2 per thousand with 5 thousand 100 units
  • Qukitel: 1 per thousand with 3 thousand units

By the way; a little bit of the list created on the basis of brands interesting We can say it is. For example; we have a lot of fans in our country Xiaomi, could not sell as many phones as its sub-brands Redmi or POCO in the first three months of 2021. In addition, according to these data, citizens Casper and Xiaomi show the same interest.

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