Total failure: Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are down


Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are currently struggling with failures around the world. Even in this country, thousands of users nationwide report that the popular social media platforms are not accessible. Error messages appear when calling up Facebook and Instagram; Whatsapp messages are not delivered. According to the malfunction barometer allestö, the first reports were received shortly after 5 p.m. Those affected also complain about the failures on Twitter.

The reports suggest that Facebook services around the world are affected. According to initial indications, it is a DNS problem: The web addresses and are not recognized by the global domain name system, so they are not assigned an IP address and do not respond. Although initially resolved the name correctly, this address is now also unknown.

Cloudflare-CTO John Graham-Cumming mention, thatthat shortly before the first failures, the routes to Facebook’s servers were revoked from the routing protocol of the Internet (BGP). One cause could be a configuration error. Of the New York Times surveyed experts, however, consider a cyber attack to be unlikely.

Both Cloudflare’s own DNS resolver ( and Google’s server (e.g. currently continue to deliver “NXDOMAIN” for The domain is unknown. This apparently also has an impact on Facebook for Workplace and internal social network services, which are also disrupted.

All three services belong to the Facebook group, which recently confirmed the failure on Twitter. At the moment, “some people” have difficulty accessing the apps, it says. “We are working on getting back to normal as soon as possible.” Whatsapp also expresses itself on Twitter. The company has not yet provided any information on the causes.

Update: Further details in the text added.


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