Toyota Doesn’t Want to Be Fast in Transitioning to Electric Vehicles

Toyota, one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, thinks that there is too much excitement about the electric vehicle industry, of which it is one of the pioneers. However, the company argues that the orientation to electric vehicles should not be made directly, and hybrid models should be included in the transition.

Toyota, One of the first hybrid cars to go into mass production Prius With its model, it paved the way for the leading brands of the electric vehicle industry today. The company, which showed that this trend will be popular in the future at that time, unfortunately, the trend it started today is quite lagged behind.

While its competitors have been releasing electric models for years and countries are preparing to introduce regulations accordingly, Toyota states that it is wrong for countries to turn to electric vehicles as soon as possible. While many companies are directing their investments in this area, Japan-based Toyota says that the transition to electric vehicles is for now. is overrated says. Accelerating electric vehicle production Toyota executives, who spoke at the congress held on behalf of the company, made remarkable statements on this subject.

While the majority of companies are trying to switch to electric vehicles, Toyota resists:

Toyota Mirai

In the United States, many vehicle manufacturers and senior executives came together at the congress held to accelerate the development of electric vehicles. Toyota officials at the congress Chris Reynoldslike the Toyota Prius hybrid models and hydrogen powered vehicles He also said that the planned transition should be supported.

Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota He also made some interesting statements on the subject. Toyoda believes that this trend towards electric vehicles over exaggerated told.


Last year, California was on the agenda to set tougher standards for vehicles on the road than the rest of the United States. It’s like Toyota advocating hybrid and somewhat lagging behind electric power It had a great reaction from many people, especially automobile manufacturers, as it would squeeze companies hard.


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Toyota has previously opposed similar proposals in India and its native Japan. At this point, it is thought that the company is trying to gain some time on the electric vehicle, where it is quite behind.

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