Toyota to Introduce Solid Battery Electric Car in 2021


Toyota could undertake a revolution in electric cars in 2021. The company is expected to introduce a solid state battery prototype next year.

First with solid state battery electric car the race continues to produce. Japanese automotive giant Toyotais the leader of the race in this field. Company, In 2021 preparing to introduce the first electric car prototype with such a battery.

Solid state batteries are much more compactcharging faster, safer and more to high energy density owner known as batteries. This will eliminate two important problems such as charging time and range.

Solid batteries are the future of electric cars


Current that lithium By using liquid or gel polymers in the batteries, the power required by the vehicles is provided. Solid state batteries It does not need to be separated into small slots or spread over a larger area. In addition, solid state batteries are known to be more durable.

According to estimates, cars with solid batteries range 1000 kilometers will find. The charging time of the vehicles will be reduced to 10 minutes. It should also be noted that these batteries will gradually become inefficient over time. Toyota’s goal is to increase battery efficiency. Over 90% for 30 years keep.


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Toyota It is a very ambitious and determined company in solid case batteries. Japanese giant in total in this area Over 1000 It is known to hold different patents. Other companies continue to work in this field.

Solid state batteries are not perfect



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Of course, this technology until now couldn’t see There are various reasons why we are. First of all, these batteries have to be produced under incredibly dry conditions. Also to be used in manufacturing pure ilityum is also a very rare substance. For these batteries which are very difficult to develop Japanese government It is stated that it will allocate funds.

Toyota is working with Panasonic for battery studies. In the summer of 2021 An explanation is expected on this subject at the Tokyo Olympics to be held. Let’s see what kind of vehicle will Toyota appear before us?

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