Trade Conflict in East Asia: South Korea ends military agreement with Japan


In the trade dispute with Japan, South Korea has now also ended a military agreement with the neighboring country on the exchange of intelligence information. That announced the presidential office in Seoul on Thursday surprisingly, reports the Korea Times, The confidence in the former partner was lost, it was said as a reason and the agreement was contrary to the national interests of South Korea.
On the basis of the treaty, both states exchanged information about North Korea's nuclear and missile program, and so far it has been automatically renewed every year.

The Seoul Conservative Legislature concluded in 2016 that it wanted access to information from Japanese satellites and other observation systems to better protect against threats from North Korea, the news agency dpa said. Both Japan and South Korea are important regional allies of the United States. The alliance with the US should now be strengthened, assured a government spokesman meanwhile, Washington had previously expressed disappointment over the decision. The conflict had already first economic consequences.

With the decision of South Korea, another low point has been reached in the relationship between the two East Asian states. The dispute deals with the compensation of Korean forced laborers under Japan's colonial rule until the end of the Second World War. The Supreme Court in South Korea had ordered Japanese corporations to pay compensation to former forced laborers. However, Japan insists that this ruling violates the basic treaty with which the country and its former colony had normalized their relations in 1965. The damage is compensated, says the government there and had introduced trade restrictions, after which South Korea had followed suit.

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya reacted "disappointed" to the South Korean decision. His country will call on South Korea to rethink this, he said. In terms of cooperation with the US, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also urged the neighboring country
to fulfill its "promises," adds the dpa.


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