Trailer From Bob Ross Documentary Has Arrived


A new trailer has arrived today from Netflix’s highly anticipated Bob Ross documentary. Along with the trailer, the release date of the documentary was also announced.

The online streaming platform Netflix, which has millions of users today, started to talk about a project that attracted the attention of many of us months ago. Platform is the famous painter, whom we watched with envy on television in our childhood. Bob Ross documentary announced that he would. The first trailer of this documentary was also shared today.

We can call the video shared by Netflix not exactly a trailer, but a promotional video. In the 25-second long video, “We would love to show you the trailer of this movie. But we can’t show” is included. Next “You ask why?” is asked and the date when we will get the answer is announced. That date is also in the documentary. release date.

The Bob Ross documentary comes out on August 25:

Netflix, Bob Ross: documentary Bob Ross: Betrayal Hidden Among Happy Little Trees It announced that it will be released on the platform on August 25. Apart from these, no other details were included in the shared video. A photo of Bob Ross appeared in the background of the video.

The information on Netflix’s website does not provide any information about the documentary, only about what we will learn It gives a little hint. The details on the website are as follows:

As the world’s most famous painting instructor, Bob Ross instilled the joy of painting in millions of people. But his fight for his business empire cast a shadow over his happy trees.