TRT Haber Wrote that Pfizer Will Produce 1 Trillion(!) Dose Vaccines


TRT Haber wrote that the amount of vaccine to be produced by Uğur Şahin’s partnership with Pfizer by the end of the year is ‘1 trillion’; After the same error continued in other news sites, the reactions to the situation on social media were not delayed.

BioNTech founder Uğur Şahin made important statements about vaccine production at the 6th European Immunology Congress (ECI), which he attended and was held online. Expressing that the amount of vaccine produced has increased, Şahin said, “Our vaccine production reached 10 thousand in 2019. Until the end of the year with our partner Pfizer More than 3 billion doses of vaccine we will produce. This is a huge increase‘ he said.

The “three billion” (“three billion”) in this expression has been misrepresented by TRT Haber. to the news Transferred as ‘trillion’ (“trillion”). As such, the news‘Until the end of the year with our partner Pfizer More than 1 trillion doses we will produce a vaccineentered as ”. When many news sites that took TRT’s news as a source also included the statement in this way, the reaction on the social media was not delayed.

Error fixed:

In the news after the issue came to the fore with an update necessary arrangements were made. The tweet shared by TRT Haber is on the air with the same incorrect version, but TRT Haber has carried the update to Twtiter with a different tweet.

Reactions to TRT Haber’s mistake on Twitter:


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Unfortunately, there were also those who did not notice the translation error and made statements that aimed to materialize the situation for anti-vaccine thoughts: