Trump fans heave Parler to number 1 on the app charts


The app for the social network Parler is being downloaded like never before in the USA. On Monday the app overtook TikTok and is now number 1 on the download charts in Google’s Play Store. On Saturday Parler was still in 51st place. Parler also stormed the summit in Apple’s US app store on Monday. The reason is that many right-wing Americans too often violate the rules of Facebook and Twitter and fear being banned there.

Therefore, more and more rights are calling on their followers to switch to the Twitter-like Parler. The service is based in Nevada and went online a good two years ago. Parler is now said to have more than four million users. Most of them have only been added in the last six months, a million in the last six weeks alone. That’s not a lot compared to Facebook, but Parler is definitely attractive to Trump’s fundraisers.

Top 5 on Google's Play Store: Parler, TikTok, Zoom, Newsmax TX, Walmart

Most downloaded applications from Google’s Play Store in the United States on November 9, 2020

(Image: screenshot)

The company describes itself as the top address for free speech. Parler deliberately thinks little of moderation and relies on hundreds of volunteers for this. Still, Parler had to have his on the weekend Guidelines To update. Illegal content, doxing, spam, bots, bribery and threats or requests for violence are now prohibited. Otherwise, users (still) have free rein, including hate speech and lies, even about the Holocaust.

This supposed freedom attracts Trump fans in particular. Who owns Parler is not transparent. Republican radio host Dan Bongino, once Sean Hannity’s representative on Fox News, announced in June that it had acquired a stake.

Newsmax TV also benefits from the rampant conspiracy theories about alleged election fraud in the USA. The right TV broadcaster competes with Fox News and is spreading unproven accusations of fraud these days. The Newsmax TV app is currently in 4th place in Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. TikTok is in 2nd place, Zoom (Google) and YouTube (Apple) in 3rd place.


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