Trump Government: No response to 130 US applications for Huawei trade

The US Department of Commerce has more than 130 applications for trading with Huawei Technologies. That reports News Agency Reuters citing informed circles. However, even two months after President Donald Trump announced that some sales were allowed, none of them had yet been approved.

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"No one in the executive knows what Trump wants, and everyone is afraid to make a decision without knowing it."said William Reinsch, a former official of the Ministry of Commerce.

With China's government announcing retaliatory tariffs on US imports of $ 75 billion on Friday, Trump said the US wanted to raise all punitive tariffs on imports from China by five percentage points each, or $ 550 billion.

"We do not need China and – frankly – we would be better off without it"Trump wrote in a series of tweets. US companies "hereby ordered to seek alternatives to China immediately" and make products back home, Trump said.

A spokesman for the Commerce Department said: "The multi-agency process of weighing license applications for Huawei and its non-US foreign companies is currently ongoing."

The US accuses Huawei of violating Iran sanctions and stealing US intellectual property, as well as having backdoors for Chinese intelligence in its network equipment. Evidence of the security threat has not been provided. Huawei denies the allegations.

By a decree issued on 15 May 2019, Trump had declared the national emergency for telecommunications. The US Department of Commerce banned all businesses that "pose a risk to the US" and put Huawei on the so-called entity list. After the G20 meeting in Japan, Trump had announced that it would allow certain deliveries of US companies to Huawei again.

"The right solution would be to take us completely off the list, then it would not require these applications"said Huawei-Germany Patrick Berger on request.