Trump Makes Important Statement About Coronavirus Vaccine

At a press conference, US President Donald Trump said that if the coronavirus vaccine is approved, it will be ready for distribution within 24 hours and that 100 million doses will be produced before 2020.

The whole world is now coronavirus Preparing for the second wave of the pandemic. This wave, which is expected to be extremely devastating, seems to cause all countries to take new measures if a vaccine is found soon and not produced in sufficient numbers. Of course, the most important research on this subject continues to be vaccine studies. President of the USA, one of the leading countries in this research Donald trumpmade important statements about the Covid-19 vaccine at its press conference.

Stating that they expect to have enough new types of coronavirus vaccine for every US by April 2021, Trump said that they made rapid progress in vaccine development, “A vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration will be ready for distribution within 24 hours. Our army will deliver a large number of vaccines where necessary. Before the end of this year, we will have at least 100 million doses of vaccine, maybe more. 100 million doses of vaccines will be produced each month and we expect to have enough vaccines for every American by April.”He made a statement.

Help from the army

For the fastest distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine, logistics Stating that they will benefit from his support, Trump did not make a statement about the distribution of the vaccine to be produced to other countries. At this point, it is aimed that countries producing the vaccine will primarily offer this vaccine to their citizens. The USA, the country that has been the most injured by the coronavirus epidemic, will start exporting this vaccine to other countries when the epidemic stops.


Covid-19 Treatment, Announced by Trump as “Good News”, has been used in our country for months

Currently, vaccination studies are continuing in our country. 2021The vaccine, which is predicted to be ready in the second half of the year, is thought to be important for our country, especially in an environment where vaccines are so popular.

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