Trump proclaims emergency of electricity infrastructure

"I hereby declare a national emergency regarding the threat to the United States' power grids," said a decree signed by President Donald Trump on Friday. The President is thus creating a new legal basis for import bans for relevant equipment. He doesn't name any countries.

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US intelligence agencies have warned in particular of hackers serving the Russian government and that of the People's Republic of China. To the in the edict above-mentioned motives for the proclamation of a state of emergency include that "unlimited foreign supply of equipment for interconnected networks is an unusual and existential threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States". Henceforth, imports in which a "foreign opponent" is involved and which represent an "improper" or "unacceptable" risk can be prohibited.

An interministerial working group headed by the Minister of Energy is responsible for assessing these factors. This can also impose requirements for imports and draw up black and white lists. For example, which countries or people are considered foreign opponents, which imports have to be viewed with particular suspicion, or which foreign equipment is generally approved.

Trump also commands recommendations for identifying, isolating, monitoring, and replacing suspicious devices. Another working group is to work out new guidelines for the procurement of important electricity technology. National security needs to be better considered. It should probably be more difficult to get orders simply by lower prices. The presidential decree relates to the US parts of the North American interconnected networks from 69 kV, but not facilities for local power distribution.


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