Trump, whose social media accounts were closed, sued Twitter


Former US President Donald Trump, who was officially banned from social media for causing a frenzy with hate speech and misinformation, has sued Twitter. Expressing that the social media giant is censoring him, Trump demanded that his accounts be reopened.

Former US President Donald Trump, known for his conservative attitude and controversial statements on many issues, has repeatedly come to the fore with the restriction or termination of his activity on Twitter. Twitter at last Hateful and provocative embellishments of Trump’s posts to be Due to this, the account was completely closed. Trump, on the other hand, recently launched a legal battle against these and similar decisions.

At the time of the permanent Twitter ban, Trump; He was banned from Instagram, Facebook, Twitch and even Snapchat. In response to this, Trump established a Twitter fake social media platform, which only survived for 1 month. The angry politician, who said “enough is enough” 9 months after these events, recently sued Twitter.

They want their account reopened

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Former US President Trump filed a lawsuit against Twitter last Friday in Florida. Because almost all of the social media platforms that Trump blocked belonged to Twitter. In a lawsuit filed with a request for interim injunction Twitter violated the principles of the First Amendment claimed.

Trump in case files “Twitter is a major platform for public discourse, repressed by the current U.S. Government.” He stated that he censored himself without question. Saying that Twitter’s impact on the country is huge, the former president said, He asked for his account to be reopened.

The last straw was the January 6 raid.

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The main reason why Trump was officially fired from social media platforms is after the elections. It was because Trump supporters could not accept the results and caused great outbursts. The reason for this was cited as Trump’s provocative and hateful rhetoric on social media. Although his social media accounts were temporarily closed for the same reasons before, the riot events that took place on January 6 ended Trump’s life on social media.

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