Trump’s COVID-19 Vaccine Statement: “Great News in Vaccine”


US President Donald Trump made a new post on his Twitter account regarding vaccines developed against coronavirus. A large COVID-19 vaccine test is planned for 30,000 people in the U.S. later this month.

The coronavirus pandemic, which affects the whole world, is considered as one of the biggest problems we have experienced in recent years. It is known that the most effective method against the virus, which causes many people to die, is the vaccine. The epidemic has been ongoing since its inception Vaccine His works started to come to an end slowly. While it was announced that more than 200 vaccines are under development, some of these vaccines have successfully completed human trials.

US President Donald who made important statements about vaccination studies Trump, “Great news in vaccinationtweet threw. Recently “I believe that this vaccine will be announced very soon.“The last post of Trump, who tweeted another,” was interpreted that the vaccine will be ready very soon.

In a study in the journal of the New England Journal of Medicine, the vaccine, developed in partnership with the drug company Moderna in the USA and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, so far 45 volunteers It was tried and declared to give hope that it provides immunity to coronavirus.

Antibodies to fight COVID-19 are produced in the blood of the vaccinated people

In a study on volunteers receiving coronavirus vaccines, blood tests of volunteers Covidien-19It has been discovered that antibodies that fight COVID-19, similar to the levels of people caught and recovered, have been developed. Nevertheless, a serious side effect Although not observed, more than half were reported to have flu-like symptoms. At the beginning of these symptoms tirednessThe symptoms seen in other vaccines, such as headache, fever, were included.

Larger vaccine tests will be held on July 27

The actual testing phase of the vaccine developed in the USA July 27Will begin in. In this process More than 30 thousand It will be investigated whether the vaccine to be injected into the person has any side effects. It was announced that this study will be the biggest research on COVID-19 vaccine.


India’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Receives Approval for Human Tests

The vaccine, which was generally tested on young adults at the initial stage, was essential during the new tests. risk It was also stated that it will be tested on older adults and people with chronic diseases.

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