TÜBİTAK's COVID-19 Portal Opened


Covidien-19 measures under held a press conference in Ankara, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, the coronavirus outbreak offering up to date information on the course of Turkey and the world TUBITAK Covidien-19 Portal said he engaged as of today.

A new type of coronavirus outbreak Covidien-19 emerged in China in the first time the Ministry of Health in Turkey constitutes a coronavirus Science Board, now, up to date and that the number of cases found in scientific papers TÜBİTAK COVID-19 Portalbrought to life.

Organizing a press conference in Ankara as part of the Kovid-19 measures Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa VarankShared with TÜBİTAK that entrepreneurs and scientists have prepared a special and fast program that will enable their projects to be implemented immediately.

TÜBİTAK COVID-19 Portal offers a lot of information from the current case number to scientific resources


Stating that they will quickly support the products and protective materials to be used in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, "We have launched the TÜBİTAK COVID-19 Portal, which we developed as a new application, as of today. We postponed the delivery dates of all project reports to be submitted to TÜBİTAK for up to 3 months and extended the application deadlines for calls." said.


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COVIDIEN Covidien-19 cases of TUBITAK-19 Portal offers the most current data for the course in Turkey, according to the Ministry of Health periodically updated with information provided by the authorized personnel. In addition, the platform, which provides access to a lot of information about COVID-19 against the most up-to-date clinical studies worldwide, and the medicines, scientific resources and prevention methods recommended from these studies, is also provided by the Ministry of Health. Online Corona Test allows you to reach directly. To TÜBİTAK COVID-19 Portal from here You can access.

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