Türk-İş Announces the Number Expected for the Minimum Wage


Türk-İş Chairman Ergün Atalay stated in his statement today that no proposal should be made below 3 thousand TL for the minimum wage. In the past few days, TurkStat offered a minimum wage of 2.792.10 TL and a minimum wage of 2.339.10 TL.

As we approach the year 2021, one of the most curious issues in our country is in the new year. your minimum wage how much it would be. Gross for 2020 2.943 TL and clear 2.324 TL It has not been determined yet how much the minimum wage will be in 2021. Offers continue to come about how much the new minimum wage should be.

The third meeting was held in the minimum wage negotiations recently. In this meeting Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) presented the minimum wage in 2021 in three different categories: heavy, medium and light jobs. The recommended minimum wage in these categories is respectively 2.792,10 TL, 2.507.70 TL and 2.339.10 TL.

An offer under 3 thousand TL should not be submitted:

minimum wage

Following this statement of TURKSTAT, today Confederation of Labor Unions of Turkey (Türk-İş) made a statement regarding the minimum wages for 2021. President of Türk-İş Ergun Atalay, in a statement about the minimum wage to be valid in the new year An offer below 3.000 TL should not be submitted told. Ergün Atalay’s statement was as follows:

The employer and the government should not make a bid below 3,000 lira regarding the minimum wage. Because an offer below 3 thousand lira is not an offer that will make people happy, it is not an offer that will make employees happy. An offer of more than 3 thousand lira should be made to the Minimum Wage Determination Commission.


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The fourth and last meeting of the Minimum Wage Commission where the minimum wage will be determined for 2021 tomorrow at 10:30 will be realized. To be implemented in 2021 at the end of the meeting minimum wage expected to be announced. The minimum wage is determined by the Minimum Wage Determination Commission consisting of 5 people each representing the employee, employer and the state.

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