Turkey Drone Festival Starts Tomorrow


The Turkey Drone Festival, prepared by the Presidency’s Ministry of Communications and where FPV drones will be used for the first time in the world, will open its doors tomorrow.

drone technology has been developing rapidly in recent years. These technological wonders, which now appeal to a much wider range in terms of both hobby and usage area, became the subject of a festival this time.

which will be held by the Presidency of Communications Turkey Drone Festival will start tomorrow. The end date of the event is stated as 28 August. from all over the world professional FPV drone pilotswill compete for the promotion of the most important destinations of our country.

Festival in 12 cities

drone fest

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin AltınIn a statement, “Drones are flying for Turkey. Turkey Drone Festival, organized by our Directorate of Communications, starts tomorrow. World famous FPV drone “We will watch the richness of our country together in the categories of history, faith, water and health in our 12 cities,” he said.

12 cities where the contestants will compete Antalya, Muğla, Van, Istanbul, Mardin, Hatay, Adıyaman, Nevşehir, Şanlıurfa, Denizli, Sivas and İzmir Filming will take place in the categories of history, faith, water and health.


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The pilots who will take part in the festival are Luke Bannister from England, Ian Rinefort and Reme Raul Morales from the USA, Calas Feuille, Antoine Gaetano and Vladimir Metivier from France, Ivan Surikov from Switzerland, Sergi Hernandez Lopez from Spain, Oğuz from Turkey Albayrak was announced as Cumhur Büyüktaş, Berkay Efe and Burak Altıparmak.

Images can be viewed online



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12 FPV drone pilots will compete by trying to reflect the beauties of Turkey from their own perspectives. captured images, September 20-25 between will be published on the website.

The winner of the competition will be determined by voting on this website. The winner of the festival will be determined by the votes of the citizens visiting the site. The award ceremony will be held at the end of the competition. on September 30 will be performed.

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