Turkey imposes fines on Facebook, Twitter and Co.


After the entry into force of a new law to stricter regulation of social media in Turkey, measures have been taken against providers such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube and TikTok, according to official information. A fine of 10 million Turkish lira (about one million euros) each was imposed on the platforms, said the deputy minister for transport and infrastructure, Ömer Fatih Sayan, on Twitter on Wednesday. The reason for the punishment was that no local representatives for Turkey had been appointed within the given period. Initially, the providers could not be reached for confirmation.

The Turkish parliament passed a law in July that makes social media more strictly controlled. Providers with more than a million Turkish users per day must open branches in Turkey with a Turkish citizen as their representative. Representation by a legal person is also possible. If no representative is registered, there is a risk of penalties. In addition to the imposition of fines, pages can be rendered virtually unusable. The law also obliges platforms to respond to requests to delete or block certain content within 48 hours.

The majority of the Turkish media are under direct or indirect control of the government, and control over content on the Internet has also been increased again and again. Ankara regularly takes action against users for content on the Internet that is critical of the government.


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